Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Water. Then Comes Drying : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR

Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Water. Then Comes Drying : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR.

This particular pattern of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and other associated elements, found this article interesting.  We are bags of water and carbon, going from being 75% water at birth, to around 50% in our elder years.

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8 Responses to Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Water. Then Comes Drying : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR

  1. amanimal says:

    ‘Ugly Bags of Mostly Water’

    90% ? Oops, how embarrassing 🙂


  2. amanimal says:

    Hmm … interesting.


    • A common embarrassment for science fiction. Data’s comment is probably accurate science, in 1989 😉

      Sorry about your troubles linking to it. Not sure what WP is doing here. The video is embedded in the original comment in my dashboard, but it only appears here for a split second. Did you mean to embed it or did it just try to do it on its own? I might need to look at the settings somewhere.


      • amanimal says:

        I think it tried to do it on its own, I saw it flash by for a second too when posting – I posted it like I post any link, not trying to embed(don’t know how).


        • Well, it looks like WordPress automatically embeds Youtube videos. Now that I recall it, I remember it being an issue on other blogs. There appears to be a bug with the theme I’m using with those embeds. I’ll have to think about this. It may be time for me to change the theme. I haven’t been entirely happy with the current one anyway. You might see a different look later this weekend.


          • amanimal says:

            Now that I think about Jerry Coyne at WEIT has mentioned difficulties embedding videos on occasion – the Google URL Shortener seems to circumvent the problem so I’ve no problem using it.


          • Ok, I think I have everything fixed now. I had to switch themes. However, I really liked the look of the old one, so had to resurrect my CSS skills to get the new one looking somewhat like the old one. You should be able to embed Youtubes now, if you want. The good news is I think the fonts in this new theme are a little better for reading.


  3. amanimal says:

    The highlighting of alternate replies does make for easier reading – looks crisper or sharper too I think?


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