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Peter Carruthers on the problems of consciousness

Peter Carruthers is posting this week at The Brains Blog on his new book, Human and Animal Minds, which I mentioned in my post on global workspace theory.  His first post focuses on two issues: latent dualism and terminological confusion. … Continue reading

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The battle between integration and workspace will take a while

Well, I find this a bit disappointing.  I was hoping that the contest between global workspace theory (GWT) and integrated information theory (IIT) would be announced sometime this year.  Apparently, I’m going to have to wait awhile: Pitts describes the … Continue reading

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Link on Daniel Dennett video updated

The video embed on the previous post, which had gone dead, is now updated.  Hopefully this one will endure.

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Daniel Dennett on consciousness and the hard question

This interview is pretty much classic Daniel Dennett.  He starts off pointing out that introspection is unreliable, that our beliefs about our inner experience are what need to be explained, not necessarily what the beliefs purport to be reality.  He … Continue reading

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A response to the unfolding argument: a defense of Integrated Information Theory

Back in May,  I shared a paper that made a blistering attack on the integrated information theory (IIT) of consciousness.  A major point of IIT is that a specific causal structure is necessary to generate phenomenal experience, namely a feedback … Continue reading

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The Witcher

I just finished watching The Witcher on Netflix.  This was a series that I initially resisted getting into.  From a distance, it looked too much like a Game of Thrones knockoff.  But after numerous people recommended it, I decided to … Continue reading

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The role of beauty and simplicity in scientific theories

In the post on Copernicus earlier this week, I noted that his heliocentric theory, right from its initial publication, was hailed as far more mathematically elegant than the Aristotelian / Ptolemaic system, which was taken as the canonical model of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

A year ago, I wrote that I hoped there would be more time for blogging in the next year.  That time would eventually materialize, but not for several months.  Yet, the frequency of posts immediately spiked, and has stayed higher … Continue reading

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Massimo on consciousness: no illusion, but also no spookiness

Massimo Pigliucci has a good article on consciousness at Aeon.  In it, he takes aim both at illusionists as well as those who claim consciousness is outside the purview of science.  Although I’d say he’s more worked up about the … Continue reading

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Is entanglement decoherence from the outside, and decoherence entanglement from the inside?

A recent tweet by Sean Carroll has me thinking. Measurement is only if the interaction generates entanglement. Many times they do not! — Sean Carroll (@seanmcarroll) December 9, 2019 Quantum decoherence is said to occur when a particular quantum system … Continue reading

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