My name is Mike Smith.  I’m a middle aged guy who lives in the southern United States.  I work as an IT manager at a university.  I’m interested in science, philosophy, history, politics, technology, science fiction, fantasy, and many other things.  As far as politics, I’m socially liberal, believe in a robust social safety net, and economically moderate, so I tend to vote Democratic.

This blog largely exists for me to express my thoughts on all the above topics, to test ideas and see if others can spot holes in my reasoning, and to give me a spot to comment on other articles and posts around the web without having to worry about space limitations or overzealous moderators.

I love having discussions, so if you have an opinion on a post, comments are definitely welcome.

Note that this blog reflects my personal views and not those of any organization I may be affiliated with.

I can be contacted directly at SelfAwarePatterns on gmail.