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Voting in the general election, 2016 edition

Today early voting started in my state, and because voting on November 8 would be a hassle, I made use of it.  It probably won’t surprise any of my regular online friends that my vote went to Hillary Clinton. To be … Continue reading

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A Democrat in a two party system

John Scalzi, as he periodically does, is responding to reader questions, and one was on his attitude toward Republicans.  If you’re familiar with Scalzi, then you can probably guess that his attitude toward Republican politicians isn’t generally positive.  I found a lot … Continue reading

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Magnets in helmets might make American football safer

A few weeks ago, I linked to an article on the problems with concussions in American football, pointing out that it wasn’t just the acute concussions you had to worry about, but the gradual damage from head blows that added up silently … Continue reading

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Why I voted Democrat across the board

This Tuesday, November 4, is election day here in the United States.  If you are a US citizen, and you didn’t do early voting, then you need to go vote.  Getting people, particularly young people, to vote in the midterms is … Continue reading

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The conquest of the Americas

This morning, I came across an essay by Howard Zinn, the famous historian and activist (now deceased), on the real historical Christopher Columbus.  I suspect Zinn’s portrayal of events was a bit one sided (I doubt the Native Americans were quite … Continue reading

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The Great Recession was less severe than the Great Depression because we do learn from history.

As is quickly becoming usual, Tina at Diotima’s Ladder asks excellent questions: Roosevelt and Obama: Did we avoid a Great Depression? | Diotima’s Ladder. For the past week I’ve been rushing home every night to catch The Roosevelts: An Intimate History by Ken … Continue reading

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The War Photo No One Would Publish – The Atlantic

Stan Hummel called my attention to this article: The War Photo No One Would Publish – The Atlantic.  I didn’t embed the specific image here.  If you want to see it, you can follow the link.  Warning: it may not be something … Continue reading

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