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The Witcher

I just finished watching The Witcher on Netflix.  This was a series that I initially resisted getting into.  From a distance, it looked too much like a Game of Thrones knockoff.  But after numerous people recommended it, I decided to … Continue reading

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Reflections on Game of Thrones

(Warning: Here be spoilers!) Last week was the series finale for Game of Thrones, a series I’d been watching from the very beginning.  Indeed, I first discovered George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books way back … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoiler free)

I saw the new Star Wars flick Friday morning.  I considered blogging about it later that day, but then figured there were already a zillion reviews on the web and adding one more wouldn’t be particularly useful.  But some of my … Continue reading

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Odyssey writing podcasts

A while back, I did a post noting the podcast Writing Excuses, an awesome resource for aspiring science fiction or fantasy writers.  This weekend, I discovered another podcast  that I had inexplicably missed until now. The Odyssey Podcasts are excerpts … Continue reading

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What is the crucial element of a story?

I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction short stories lately.  As an aspiring author, one of the things I’ve been trying to pay attention to are what the properties are of the stories I end up enjoying.  And, just as … Continue reading

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Literary “rules” I wish science fiction and fantasy books would break more often.

Read any book on writing, or take a creative writing course, and there are certain pieces of advice that you are almost certain to encounter.  In many cases, the advice is good, but some have a tendency to take these tools … Continue reading

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The definition of the science fiction genre

Charlie Stross has an interesting post up on the distinction between science fiction and fantasy.  He looks at a question I haven’t thought about in a while: Not too long ago, someone in the twittersphere asked, “Whatever happened to psi? … Continue reading

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Writing Excuses: New season, a writing course by podcast

Many of my readers and fellow bloggers are aspiring (or practicing) writers.  If you haven’t caught it before, ‘Writing Excuses‘ is a podcast about writing in the science fiction and fantasy genre.  If you’ve ever contemplated doing that kind of … Continue reading

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Most science fiction is actually a blend of scientific fiction and fantasy.

Quentin Cooper, looking over a top 100 sci-fi movie list which has many questionable entries, ponders this question: BBC – Future – Why is science fiction so hard to define?. Time Out, the weekly listings magazine, recently ranked the 100 best … Continue reading

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Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers – Existential Comics

Probably only amusing if you know something about both philosophy and D&D.  Click though for the full version. via Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers – Existential Comics.

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