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Libertarian free will is incoherent, and that’s good for responsibility

For a while, I’d considered myself done debating free will, having expressed everything about it I had to say.  However, with this Crash Course video, and in light of the discussion on physicality we had earlier this summer, I realized I do have … Continue reading

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A dialogue on compatibilism

Click through for the full version. see the rest at: A Dialogue on Compatibilism – Existential Comics. This edition of Existential Comics manages to summarize most of the free will debate.  I especially like the discussion on libertarian free will on … Continue reading

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The number of senses, free will, and productive reality

Christian Jarrett has an interesting article at BBC Future on the number of senses that we have. The principle of five basic human senses is often traced back to Aristotle’s De Anima (On the Soul), in which he devotes a … Continue reading

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Free will persists even if your brain made you do it

The free will debate has been going on for millenia and, like most philosophical debates, shows little chance of being settled anytime soon.  A significant part of the debate is definitional: what do we mean when we say “free will.”  We can … Continue reading

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What are your philosophical positions?

Tina at Diotima’s Ladder put up a very cool entry: What’s Your Philosophy? | Diotima’s Ladder. BLOGGING EVENT! Tell the world. Don’t be shy. Yes, we’re used to piggy-backing off the famous philosophers, and that’s why I came up with this … Continue reading

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SMBC: Free will and personal responsibility

Click through to see full sized version.  I’ll have to remember this strategy. via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

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Two Brothers – Existential Comics

Existential comics explores a common truth about life.  Click through for the full version. via Two Brothers – Existential Comics. It took me a long time to recognize the truth this comic explores.  Whatever path in life we choose, we’ll always wonder … Continue reading

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People attribute free will to mind, not soul

Broadly speaking, there are two conceptions of free will.  The first is libertarian free will, where one has metaphysical freedom from the laws of nature in making decisions.  Libertarianism is usually understood to require mind-body dualism, in other words, a non-material soul. … Continue reading

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‘Free choice’ in primates altered through brain stimulation

When electrical pulses are applied to the ventral tegmental area of their brain, macaques presented with two images change their preference from one image to the other. The study is the first to confirm a causal link between activity in … Continue reading

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My philosophy, so far — part II | Scientia Salon

Massimo Pigliucci is doing an interesting series of posts on his philosophical positions. In the first part [19] of this ambitious (and inevitably, insufficient) essay I sought to write down and briefly defend a number of fundamental positions that characterize … Continue reading

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