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The soul of the Roman Empire

According to tradition, in the early days of ancient Rome, King Numa Pompilius established a religious institution: the Vestal Virgins.  The Vestal Virgins were chaste priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of home and hearth.  Their duty was to maintain the … Continue reading

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On atheism and agnosticism

Bart Ehrman has a post up featuring an interview on his agnosticism.  (If you’re short on time, the most relevant part is at the 2:12 point.) As someone who myself isn’t a religious believer, but who also strives to be honest … Continue reading

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Response to the Response: How God Became Jesus « Christianity in Antiquity (CIA): The Bart Ehrman Blog

Earlier this week I reviewed Bart Ehrman’s new book, ‘How Jesus Became God’, and noted that there was already a response book to it.  Now Ehrman has posted a response to that response on his blog.  He posted it publicly … Continue reading

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How Jesus Became God | Bart D. Ehrman

Bart Ehrman has a new book out, looking at the historical development of Jesus becoming God.  Although I’m not religious, I still find the history of religion interesting, and of the Judeo/Christian tradition in particular fascinating.  I have his book … Continue reading

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