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When were the earliest parts of the Bible written?

The NY Times has an interesting article about a study which purports to show that literacy may have been far more prevalent in pre-Babylonian exile Judah than many had thought.  The implication, it’s believed, is that Biblical minimalist scholars who thought … Continue reading

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Why the Exodus, as commonly understood, probably never happened

At the urging of one of my relatives, I watched Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings‘.  This relative, knowing my skeptical nature, thought I might enjoy Scott’s naturalistic (mostly) take on the events in the story.  I’m sorry to say that I … Continue reading

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Michael Dowd on the personification of reality

Michael Dowd is one of the few people with the title of “Reverend” whose views on reality I find interesting.  His motto is, “reality is my God, evidence is my scripture.” The other day, I did a post asking what religion … Continue reading

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On atheism and agnosticism

Bart Ehrman has a post up featuring an interview on his agnosticism.  (If you’re short on time, the most relevant part is at the 2:12 point.) As someone who myself isn’t a religious believer, but who also strives to be honest … Continue reading

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To any still in doubt, Noah is not history

Kyle Hill at But Not Simpler on the Discover Magazine site, has a post up debunking the Noah story.  I almost didn’t read it, because debunking Noah feels a bit like debunking the Easter Bunny, but then I looked at … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Nye-Ham creationism debate

The Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate happened, and by all accounts Nye wiped the floor with Ham.  (I watched a few minutes of it, but I’ve been racing against deadlines all week and had to content myself with the … Continue reading

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The End of the World: Science or Religion? | Seth Shostak

Harold Camping died last month. In case you don’t remember, Camping, the president of evangelical Family Radio, predicted that the world would end in 2011. Twice. He made these prognostications on the basis of numerology, which sounds like it might … Continue reading

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Evaluating God scientifically

Victor Stenger has a post up at Huffington Post on how science disproves God.  He goes through many of the attributes of the popular conceptions of God and shows how scientific evidence contradicts them.  And he’s right, to a degree. … Continue reading

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