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Einstein, Schrodinger, and the reluctance to give up hard determinism

Ethan Siegel on his Starts With a Bang blog has an interesting review of Paul Halpern’s new book on Einstein and Schrodinger, and their refusal to allow the implications of quantum physics to dissuade them from idea that the universe … Continue reading

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Chaos theory and doubts about determinism

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I’m not a convinced determinist, at least not of the strict or hard variety.  I have three broad reasons for this.  The first is that I’m not sure how meaningful it is to … Continue reading

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Brian Greene on free will

Ignostic Atheist called my attention to this video of Brian Greene contemplating free will.  Greene’s take: useful to buy into but illusory.  I know many readers will disagree about the ‘useful’ bit, while I prefer ’emergent’ instead of ‘illusory’, but … Continue reading

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Free will and determinism are separate issues

Jerry Coyne as a new post up on free will. One of the recurrent arguments made by free-will “compatibilists” (i.e., those who see free will as being compatible with physical determinism), is that those of us who are incompatibilists—in my … Continue reading

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SMBC: Why the universe isn’t deterministic

This is a bit whimsical but seems relevant to some of our recent conversations on determinism.  Click through to see the full sized version. via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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Free will and the value of compatibilism

With the essays traded between Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris, free will is back in the web conversation.  I wasn’t planning on making another free will post myself, having been mostly satisfied with my previous statement on it.  But I’ve had … Continue reading

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Determinism isn’t as certain as many assume

Conversation on yesterday’s post on free will has me thinking about determinism. First, what is determinism?  According to Merriam-Webster, my favorite dictionary because they seem to be extremely good at cutting to the chase, determinism is defined as: a theory … Continue reading

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