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The Varieties Of Scientific Experience

There are currently a lot of books on the market which deal with the question of God.  Most of them are either polemical, apologetic, or philosophically dense.  One that often gets overlooked is Carl Sagan’s book, The Variety of Scientific Experience. … Continue reading

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Goldstein: The Vindication of Spinoza

Rebecca Goldstein has an interesting post on BigThink about Baruch Spinoza and how prescient many of his ideas were.  Spinoza’s conception of God was the one believed in by Einstein.  This conception, often summarized as being equivalent to the laws … Continue reading

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Evaluating God scientifically

Victor Stenger has a post up at Huffington Post on how science disproves God.  He goes through many of the attributes of the popular conceptions of God and shows how scientific evidence contradicts them.  And he’s right, to a degree. … Continue reading

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