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The success of John Scalzi’s descriptive minimalism

One of the categories here on the blog is Science Fiction, mainly because I read and watch a lot of it.  Occasionally, someone wanting to get into the literary version of the genre asks me for recommendations on good initial books to … Continue reading

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Don’t Live For Your Obituary

Originally posted on Whatever:
Image borrowed from here. Via Nick Mamatas,this article about writer Colin Wilson, who passed away in the last week, which begins:  How dismayed the late Colin Wilson would have been if, through some of the occult…

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Ancillary Justice: an excellent read

I just finished reading Ann Leckie’s new novel, Ancillary Justice, after reading about it on John Scalzi’s site.  I found it one of the most absorbing books I’ve read in a while.  If you enjoy space opera science fiction, with … Continue reading

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