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Massimo Pigliucci on the boundary between science and pseudoscience

In this video, Massimo Pigliucci, the philosopher and biologist who runs the Scientia Salon site, discusses the demarcation problem, the dividing line between what is and is not science.  The distinction is easy for things like astrology and astronomy, but … Continue reading

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Do we all do science?

Massimo Pigluici has a cartoon response up on Rationally Speaking in reply to Sam Harris’ Edge response.  Harris thinks that science is defined too narrowly, is suspicious of talk of the limits of science, and sees the distinction between science, … Continue reading

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Countering emotion with logic is often not effective

Massimo Pigliucci posted yesterday: Rationally Speaking: Irrationality, a personal study, his personal frustration in a conversation with a relative who, despite being a fairly rational person, had an emotional aversion to gay marriage.  Massimo lamented the difficulty in convincing people to … Continue reading

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