Big Gods: An interesting read

A while back, I read Ara Norenzayan's book, 'Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict'.  I'm posting this review somewhat from memory, but I've had a couple of conversations about it lately and I think it might be good to move the discussion here. In the book, Norenzayan asks an interesting question.  How did … Continue reading Big Gods: An interesting read

The Varieties Of Scientific Experience

There are currently a lot of books on the market which deal with the question of God.  Most of them are either polemical, apologetic, or philosophically dense.  One that often gets overlooked is Carl Sagan's book, The Variety of Scientific Experience.  This book is a transcript of Sagan's Gifford lectures in the 80s, edited by Sagan's … Continue reading The Varieties Of Scientific Experience

Atheists should be tolerant of religion

Recently, there was an NPR story by Marcelo Gleiser on how scientists should respond to people's anxiety about science and God.  Jerry Coyne responded in a post asking if faith should ever not be contested (excluding dying grandmothers and such).  In his response, Coyne referred to a famous quote by Karl Marx. Religious suffering is, at one … Continue reading Atheists should be tolerant of religion

Why science, philosophy, or religion cannot determine morality

There are some famous thinkers, Sam Harris and Michael Shermer, among others, who are currently attempting to sell the idea that we should have a "science of morality".  They assert that moral propositions reduce to matters of fact about the wellbeing of conscious creatures.  Many philosophers, such as Massimo Pigliuci, take umbrage at this, seeing … Continue reading Why science, philosophy, or religion cannot determine morality