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Charlie Stross discusses life lessons at 50

Charlie Stross just turned 50 and put up a post discussing his major life lessons, things he wished he could tell his 15 year old self, which briefly are: Don’t die.  (Try not to fail at this one as long … Continue reading

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After human extinction, a robot civilization?

This is a review of Charlie Stross’s science fiction novel ‘Saturn’s Children‘.  It’s been out for a few years, but I wanted to read his latest, ‘Neptune’s Brood’, which is a sequel (of sorts), so I started with this one. … Continue reading

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Over-Extended Metaphor for the day – Charlie’s Diary

Over the beer, the conversation turned—for no sane reason—to computer operating systems. There being some non-technical folks at the table, I then had to cough up a metaphor to contextualize the relationship between Mac OS X and UNIX, thuswise: There … Continue reading

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The cult of justice – Charlie’s Diary

One of the problems with what I do is that I look for patterns in human behaviour, and once I see them I have difficulty un-seeing them. And there’s a set of patterns I keep seeing that are implicit in … Continue reading

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