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Voting in the general election, 2016 edition

Today early voting started in my state, and because voting on November 8 would be a hassle, I made use of it.  It probably won’t surprise any of my regular online friends that my vote went to Hillary Clinton. To be … Continue reading

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Voting in the primary

Yesterday was the Presidential primary in my state.  My vote went to Hillary Clinton, principally because I’m a Democrat and Clinton’s views are slightly closer to mine than Bernie Sanders. At heart, I’m a pragmatist who isn’t a big fan of … Continue reading

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A Democrat in a two party system

John Scalzi, as he periodically does, is responding to reader questions, and one was on his attitude toward Republicans.  If you’re familiar with Scalzi, then you can probably guess that his attitude toward Republican politicians isn’t generally positive.  I found a lot … Continue reading

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