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Recommendation: Dark Intelligence

I’ve been meaning to check out Neal Asher’s books for some time.  They keep coming up as recommendations on Amazon, Goodreads, and in various other venues, and they sound enticing, like the kind of fiction I’d enjoy.  Last week, I … Continue reading

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The success of John Scalzi’s descriptive minimalism

One of the categories here on the blog is Science Fiction, mainly because I read and watch a lot of it.  Occasionally, someone wanting to get into the literary version of the genre asks me for recommendations on good initial books to … Continue reading

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Recommendation: The Stars Are Legion

Occasionally on this blog, when pondering the far future, I’ve pushed back on the idea that the long term fate of civilization is to be machine robotic type life, instead noting that a truly advanced civilization would instead be engineered life, that … Continue reading

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Arrival, the shape of aliens, and bridging the communication barrier

This weekend, I watched the movie ‘Arrival‘.  It starts off with the now common scenario of several floating ships appearing in the skies around the world.  But unlike most movies in this mold, it focuses on humanity’s efforts to communicate with … Continue reading

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Childhood’s End and why a war between us and aliens is profoundly unlikely

Last night, SyFy debuted two shows, ‘The Expanse’, which I’ve already written about, and ‘Childhood’s End’, which is an adaptation of a classic science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke.  With these two shows, along with some other pretty decent … Continue reading

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xkcd: Why Asimov put the Three Laws of Robotics in the order he did

Source: xkcd: The Three Laws of Robotics The Three Laws from the Wikipedia article: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey the orders given it by … Continue reading

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The Expanse: Intelligent space opera you should check out

Last night, I watched the pilot episode to the new science fiction TV series, ‘The Expanse‘.  It’s based on a series of novels by a writing team that goes by the pseudonym James S.A. Corey, the first of which I … Continue reading

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Odyssey writing podcasts

A while back, I did a post noting the podcast Writing Excuses, an awesome resource for aspiring science fiction or fantasy writers.  This weekend, I discovered another podcast  that I had inexplicably missed until now. The Odyssey Podcasts are excerpts … Continue reading

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Thoughts on knowing and targeting your audience

Writing can be a tricky business.  Whenever you do it, it has to be with an audience in mind.  When I do blog posts here, I’m usually aiming for a general audience.  I try not to assume that my readers know obscure … Continue reading

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Mad Max: Fury Road – Wow!

This week I watched the movie Mad Max:Fury Road.  I had heard a lot about this movie, that it was incredibly action packed, that it had stunning visuals, that it put every other action movie to shame, that it had … Continue reading

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