Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beats-of-the-southern-wild-movie-posterThis morning I saw a captivating movie called ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild‘ about a little girl living with her father in a shanty town on the south Louisiana coast.  It’s a haunting tale of people living in the most wretched circumstances imaginable, but still finding satisfaction and happiness in life.

The little girl’s name is Hushpuppy, and her father is named Wink.  You quickly realize that Wink isn’t educated, and that Hushpuppy and her friends are living a subsistence and squatter existence.  Wink has a fishing boat which appears to be the bed of a pickup truck and catches fish with his hands.

Hushpuppy attends a school of sorts that evidently has no relation to any state run school.  In fact, the entire environment appears to be disconnected from the outside world in some way.

But a storm is coming, and the community ends up being threatened.  The members of the community end up responding to that threat as best they can, and that response and its aftermath show the communities relation to the outside world.

I don’t have much more to say about the movie without getting into spoilers, except to highly recommend it.  Something tells me we’ll be seeing the talented child actress who plays Hushpuppy in a lot future movies and shows.

2 thoughts on “Beasts of the Southern Wild

  1. Good review Michael. It was a very beautiful movie that captured the imagination and emotions I haven’t had since I was a little kid. But such is the thing with smart story-telling.

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