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On atheism and agnosticism

Bart Ehrman has a post up featuring an interview on his agnosticism.  (If you’re short on time, the most relevant part is at the 2:12 point.) As someone who myself isn’t a religious believer, but who also strives to be honest … Continue reading

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Soothing the fear of death

The fear of death is a normal, natural, instinct that we all have.  Without it, we’d end up doing all kinds of reckless things that most of us avoid.  Some people claim not to fear it, but I suspect that … Continue reading

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Science, philosophy, and caution about what we think we know

What is the difference between science and philosophy?  While there are enterprises that are clearly in one or the other, the dividing line isn’t always a sharp one.  Science grew out of philosophy, particularly natural philosophy.  Some would say that … Continue reading

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