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Growing doubt that gravitational waves were actually detected

Nature has an article up describing the problems with the BICEP2 results that are now being identified by various scientists.  It’s actually the second one I’ve seen them publish on this. The astronomers who this spring announced that they had … Continue reading

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Max Tegmark posts his chapter on cosmic inflation online

If you enjoyed my write up on Tegmark’s Level II multiverse, you might enjoy this guest post that he makes on Sean Carroll’s blog, which includes a link to the chapter on inflation from his book, including those visual aids … Continue reading

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The cosmological horizon problem answer, I think

Last week, I did a brief post asking if anyone knew why the horizon problem was a problem since the universe had started as an infinitesimally small point.  I received a lot of excellent replies, which I’m grateful for. I … Continue reading

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Does anyone have a link to a detailed description of the cosmological horizon problem?

So, I’m trying to understand cosmic inflation a bit better, and I’ve concluded that I don’t understand one of the chief itches that it scratches.  I know the standard explanation about regions of space being too far apart to have … Continue reading

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PHD Comics: Cosmic Inflation Explained

So, even though I already linked to two sources about cosmic inflation this week, this is good enough that I’m also going to throw it in.  It’s fascinating to me that the large scale structure of our universe is ultimately … Continue reading

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Are Parallel Universes Unscientific Nonsense?

If you’re a multiverse skeptic, you should know that there are many potential weaknesses in the case for parallel universes, and I hope you’ll find my cataloging of these weaknesses below useful. To identify these weaknesses in the pro-multiverse arguments, … Continue reading

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