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Michael Graziano on building a brain

I’ve written a few times on the Attention Theory schema of consciousness.  It’s a theory I like because it’s scientific, eschewing any mystical steps, such as assuming that consciousness just magically arises at a certain level of complexity.  It’s almost certainly … Continue reading

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When should we consider an AI a fellow being?

Fears of AI (artificial intelligence) are still showing up the media, most recently with another quote from Stephen Hawking warning that it might be the end of us, with Elon Musk, due to his own anxious statements, now being referenced … Continue reading

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Attention happens

I’m currently reading Michael Graziano’s book ‘Consciousness and the Social Brain’, which I hope to give a review of sometime soon.  In the book, he makes a distinction between attention and awareness.  Attention is something that happens when one of … Continue reading

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