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What is knowledge?

In the discussion on the last post on measurement, the definition of knowledge came up a few times.  That’s dredged up long standing thoughts I have about knowledge, which I’ve discussed with some of you before, but that I don’t … Continue reading

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I was wrong

Fellow blogger, Steve Morris, did a post on the importance of admitting when you’re wrong.  He finished up his post with this challenge: So I had the amazing/stupid idea of putting this into practice on more formal terms. I propose to … Continue reading

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A Dialog on Happiness – Existential Comics

What is happiness?  I think anyone who has ever given the question serious thought realizes that there is no one simple answer. Click though for the full version. via A Dialog on Happiness – Existential Comics. I would say that Amencia’s … Continue reading

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When We Use Fate As A Scapegoat

Making decisions can be difficult, and making a hard decision can up the stress even more. A new study suggests that when we have an especially hard decision to make, we’re more likely to use the belief in fate as … Continue reading

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Belief in immortality hard-wired? Study examines development of children’s ‘prelife’ reasoning — ScienceDaily

By examining children’s ideas about “prelife,” the time before conception, researchers found results which suggest that our bias toward immortality is a part of human intuition that naturally emerges early in life. And the part of us that is eternal, … Continue reading

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What Americans believe

Pew published the results of a new study this morning that is getting a lot of attention on the web: Six-in-ten Americans (60%) say that “humans and other living things have evolved over time,” while a third (33%) reject the … Continue reading

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Mystics and/or Atheists

James McGrath, a theologically progressive Christian, has a post up discussing the many varied conceptions of God: Mystics and/or Atheists. As I indicated on another post, the word ‘God’ can be used to refer to so many things, that it is … Continue reading

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