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David Chalmers on the meta-problem of consciousness

David Chalmers is famous as the philosopher who coined the hard problem of consciousness, the idea that how and why consciousness is produced from a physical system, how phenomenal experience arises from such a system, is an intractably difficult issue.  … Continue reading

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The prospects for a scientific understanding of consciousness

Michael Shermer has an article up at Scientific American asking if science will ever understand consciousness, free will, or God. I contend that not only consciousness but also free will and God are mysterian problems—not because we are not yet … Continue reading

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A possible answer to the hard problem of consciousness: subjective experience is communication

In 1995, David Chalmers coined the “hard problem of consciousness”: It is undeniable that some organisms are subjects of experience. But the question of how it is that these systems are subjects of experience is perplexing. Why is it that … Continue reading

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Michael Graziano: What hard problem?

Michael Graziano has an article at The Atlantic explaining why consciousness is not mysterious.  It’s a fairly short read (about 3 minutes).  I recommend anyone interested in this stuff read it in full.  (I tweeted a link to it last night, … Continue reading

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Why I think we will eventually have a scientific understanding of consciousness

It’s a common sentiment, even among many staunch materialists, that we will never understand consciousness.  It’s one I held to some degree until a few years ago.  But the more I’ve read about neuroscience, the more convinced I’ve become that we will eventually … Continue reading

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David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness?

In this TED talk, David Chalmers gives a summary of the problem whose name he coined, the hard problem of consciousness. via David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? – YouTube. It seems like people who’ve contemplated consciousness fall into two … Continue reading

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