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Books on neuroscience

Related to the last post, someone asked me where I got the information on the brain that I discussed there.  After answering, it occurred to me that other people might be interested. First, let me say that the examples I … Continue reading

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How our brains store recent memories, cell by single cell — ScienceDaily

An interesting study providing more evidence for the computational theory of mind. Confirming what neurocomputational theorists have long suspected, researchers report that the human brain locks down episodic memories in the hippocampus, committing each recollection to a distinct, distributed fraction … Continue reading

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The divided brain | RSA Animate

An interesting video on the real divisions between the left and right brain.  It’s not what you’ve historically heard. h/t Terra Icognita

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Forgetting is important

I’ve noted before that our memories corrupt over time, and that we’re constantly forgetting things.  All things we should try to…remember when recalling events or evaluating eyewitness testimony. Anyway, it turns out that if something goes wrong with our forgetting … Continue reading

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Singularity assumptions that should be questioned

The upcoming movie, Transcendence, looks like it will be interesting, but the trailer includes common assumptions about the singularity that I’m not sure are justified. To be sure, the assumptions are held by a lot of singularity believers.  Below I … Continue reading

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