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SMBC: Fixing social media

via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (click through for red button caption) These days, I usually share these on Twitter, but this one seemed more relevant for this venue. Despite using Twitter to share interesting articles and sites, I’ve never found … Continue reading

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Having productive internet conversations

Anyone who’s frequented this blog knows I love having discussions, and can pontificate all day on subjects I’m interested in.  I’ve actually been participating in online discussions, on and off, for decades. My earliest conversations were on dial up bulletin … Continue reading

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Digitization is increasing the accessibility of old scientific papers, and of history

Apparently, scientific papers have tended to fade away as they got older, with most papers only getting citations within the first decade or so after their publication.  But a Physics arXiv entry reveals that, with digitization, that is changing. The … Continue reading

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The Paraphrase Challenge: How to understand what your opponent is saying

Earlier today, John Zande clued me into an awesome science fiction novella by David Brin called ‘Stones of Significance‘, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in AI, post-singularity fiction, and the nature of reality. By coincidence, the author, David … Continue reading

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The ages of communication

I think I’ve mentioned before that I only recently came the realization that the scientific revolution was more a matter of increased communication than necessarily a breakthrough in method.  Along the lines of this realization, I have a few thoughts about … Continue reading

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xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the “Heartbleed” bug is a major security flaw that was discovered to have existed for the last couple of years on about half the servers on the web. via xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation. Most of … Continue reading

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