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IBM’s Watson: Cognitive or Sentient?

I’ve heard of Watson of course, the supercomputer system that won at Jeopardy, but I think I stilled picked up some interesting bits from this video. Iwata is clear that Watson isn’t sentient or conscious, but listening to him, I’m sure … Continue reading

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I don’t share Stephen Hawking’s worry about AIs

This essay by three physicists: Stephen Hawking, Max Tegmark, Frank Wilczek, along with Stuart Russell (the  one computer scientist), seems to be getting a lot of attention.  It keeps popping up in my various feeds, showing up in various venues. With the … Continue reading

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Artificial intelligence is what we can do that computers can’t…yet

I think I’ve mentioned before that I listen to a number of different podcasts.  One of them is Writing Excuses, a podcast about writing science fiction.  One of the recent episodes featured Nancy Fulda to discuss writing about AI realistically. … Continue reading

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IBM to make Jeopardy winning Watson available for commercial use

Remember the IBM Watson, the computer system that won at Jeopardy?  Well IBM is getting ready to make the technology available for use in cloud platforms.  I’d imagine we can expect web applications to suddenly get much more intelligent.

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Artificial Intelligence – What You Really Need to Know – Forbes

For those who started their careers in AI and left in disillusionment (Andrew Ng confessed to this, yet jumped back in) or data scientists today, the consensus is often that artificial intelligence is just a new fancy marketing term for … Continue reading

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