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The Anthropocene is a conceit of human exceptionalism

Peter Brannen has an interesting piece in the Atlantic, pointing out that the Anthropocene is more of a geological event rather than an epoch, at least so far. Humans are now living in a new geological epoch of our own … Continue reading

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First Peoples and Neanderthals

This weekend, I finished off the last of the ‘First Peoples‘ PBS miniseries on prehistoric humans.  If  you’ve watched other documentaries on human prehistory and found them interesting, then you’ll want to watch this one to get the latest findings. … Continue reading

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First Peoples documentary series to air on PBS starting Wednesday

I’ve posted before on prehistorical societies, and the fact that, for virtually all of human history, including the history of our particular sub-species: Homo sapiens, we lived in nomadic hunter gatherer tribes.  The evidence points to anatomically modern humans first … Continue reading

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Jack Horner: Where are the baby dinosaurs?

In a talk that I think is a good illustration why science is not just an empirical enterprise, Jack Horner explores why we historically haven’t seen baby dinosaur bone displays. via Jack Horner: Where are the baby dinosaurs? | Talk Video | TED.com.

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