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Platonism and the non-physical

On occasion, I’ve been accused of being closed-minded.  (Shocking, I know.)  Frequently the reason is not seriously considering non-physical propositions, a perception of rigid physicalism.  However, as I’ve noted before, I’m actually not entirely comfortable with the “physicalist” label (or … Continue reading

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Finding platonism

Click through to see the full version.  Be sure not to miss the popup bubble on the second page. via The Sighting – Existential Comics.

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What is mathematics about? – James Franklin – Aeon

James Franklin has an interesting piece today at Aeon, asking what exactly mathematics is.  He looks at Nominalism and Platonism, but discounts both in favor of Aristotelian Realism, which is something I’d not heard of before but seems equivalent to the … Continue reading

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