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An excellent explanation of quantum decoherence, and how it might lead to many worlds

Matt O’Dowd is a first class science communicator.  In this latest video, he does an excellent job explaining decoherence, and why the MWI (many worlds interpretation) ends up being so tempting when you see it through. Of course, this doesn’t … Continue reading

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Is entanglement decoherence from the outside, and decoherence entanglement from the inside?

A recent tweet by Sean Carroll has me thinking. Measurement is only if the interaction generates entanglement. Many times they do not! — Sean Carroll (@seanmcarroll) December 9, 2019 Quantum decoherence is said to occur when a particular quantum system … Continue reading

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Is reality an illusion? If so, does it matter?

Donald D. Hoffman, a psychologist at the University of California, Irving, has been getting a lot of attention recently for his views, that evolutionary evidence indicates that reality is an illusion, that the only thing that exists are conscious minds. … Continue reading

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