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Quantum computing will not rescue Moore’s Law

I found this video on quantum computing educational.  It confirmed some things that I’ve been pondering about quantum computing for a while, notably its limitations, which are discussed after about the five minute mark. The strength of quantum computing is that … Continue reading

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Does the mind affect quantum mechanics?

Tom Hartsfield at Real Clear Science has a nice short piece that explains why your mind isn’t involved (at least not directly) in what happens in quantum mechanics: Does the Mind Affect Quantum Mechanics? | RealClearScience. Every measurement that you can … Continue reading

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Quantum computing 101with D-Wave’s Vern Brownell

I found this to be an interesting primer on quantum computing.  One take away for me is that quantum processors will be useful for specific purposes, not necessarily as general purpose devices.  This implies to me that we might someday have … Continue reading

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