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Is logic and mathematics part of science?

Last week was scientism week at Scientia Salon, and I reblogged a post by Coel Hellier on a defense of scientism, mostly by arguing that mathematics was actually part of science. ¬†As I indicated in my comment on that reblog, … Continue reading

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Max Tegmark and MinutePhysics on the mathematical universe

This is a subject that we’ve discussed repeatedly here, so I thought you might find Tegmark’s narration of this video interesting. I’m pretty sure that mathematics are not only something humans created, that they are based on relations we observe … Continue reading

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Proof that the external world exists?

Eric Schwitzgebel is reading Stannis Lem’s novel ‘Solaris’ and discovers in the novel a test of the existence of the external world: I instructed the satellite to give me the figure of the galactic meridians¬†it was traversing at 22-second intervals … Continue reading

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