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How Jesus became God

I think most of my readers know that I’m not religious.  However, I am interested in both the history and anthropology of religion.  This interest has led me to read a number of books by Bart D. Ehrman, a New … Continue reading

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Will civilization collapse in the coming decades?

Apparently, there is a NASA funded study which says so. If history is any guide, our civilization will eventually collapse.  Every other society in human history has ultimately done so: Sumer, Egypt, Rome, etc.  There’s no good reason to think … Continue reading

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Ancient Rome Infanticide Practices Did Not Favor Boys After All, DNA Study Suggests

“Now that we can use DNA to tell whether the babies were male or female, we’re starting to revise the commonly held assumptions about infanticide in the Roman world,” said Kristina Killgrove, a bioarchaeologist at the University of West Florida, … Continue reading

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