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The evolution of the scientific method.

Empiricism, the idea that sensory experience is a source of knowledge, is ancient.  People have obviously learned through sensory experience as long as there have been people.  Studying the night skies gave ancient humans insight into the flow of the … Continue reading

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There is only one dogma of science: truth is better than fantasy

Dave Pruett has a post up at the Huffington Post looking at a declaration of eight “eminent” scientists and scholars calling for science to move past its materialistic focus.  The list of authors in this declaration includes Rupert Sheldrake, whose TED … Continue reading

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Why philosophical conclusions are not reliable knowledge

Following Neil deGrasse Tyson’s wholesale dismissal of philosophy, there has been a lot of discussion on the value of philosophy.  As I’ve said repeatedly, I think philosophy has a great deal of value, but some of its defenders are tending to overstate … Continue reading

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Ask Ethan #17: The Burden of Proof – Starts With A Bang

Perhaps no word in the English language generates as much misunderstanding as the word theory. In scientific circles, this word has a very specific meaning that’s different from everyday use, and — as a theoretical astrophysicist myself — I feel … Continue reading

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Science, philosophy, and caution about what we think we know

What is the difference between science and philosophy?  While there are enterprises that are clearly in one or the other, the dividing line isn’t always a sharp one.  Science grew out of philosophy, particularly natural philosophy.  Some would say that … Continue reading

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