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Angst over mini-brains

Organoids, the small pieces of neural tissue grown from stem cells, dubbed “mini-brains”, and used in research, have been getting a lot of attention lately.  Apparently a few neuroscientists are concerned that the organoids might be sentient, and suffering as … Continue reading

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Did smell lead to consciousness?

Smell has apparently always been a peculiar sense.  The sensory pathway of smell information to the brain runs completely independent from the other senses.  The pathways for the other senses run through the midbrain and thalamus and are then relayed … Continue reading

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Fruit fly fear and AI sentience

I found this study interesting: Do flies have fear (or something like it)? — ScienceDaily. A fruit fly starts buzzing around food at a picnic, so you wave your hand over the insect and shoo it away. But when the insect … Continue reading

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Emotional versus intellectual attributions of consciousness

Click through for full sized version and the red button caption. via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. This SMBC reminds me of a concept that I’ve been debating on ways to express, but a brief comment here seems like the opportunity to … Continue reading

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IBM’s Watson: Cognitive or Sentient?

I’ve heard of Watson of course, the supercomputer system that won at Jeopardy, but I think I stilled picked up some interesting bits from this video. Iwata is clear that Watson isn’t sentient or conscious, but listening to him, I’m sure … Continue reading

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SMBC: Surpassing the Turing test in order to assess moral standing

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