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The attention schema theory of consciousness deserves your…attention

Michael Graziano published a brief article in the New York Times on his attention schema theory of consciousness, which a number of my fellow bloggers have linked to and discussed.  I’m not sure this article was the clearest description of it that … Continue reading

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Consciousness and the Social Brain: A review

What is consciousness?  What is the inner experience that we all feel we have?  Is it an illusion or an ontological reality? Michael Graziano thinks it is a reality, and he thinks he has found a scientific theory for it, … Continue reading

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Attention happens

I’m currently reading Michael Graziano’s book ‘Consciousness and the Social Brain’, which I hope to give a review of sometime soon.  In the book, he makes a distinction between attention and awareness.  Attention is something that happens when one of … Continue reading

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