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NASA – The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation

This NASA document has been around for a while, but it remains relevant.  If you’re going to engage in space travel, you have some unyielding scientific and engineering realities to contend with.  This article is a bit dry, but it’s … Continue reading

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Interstellar travel: Raising children in space

BBC Future has an article looking at how living in space might effect humans and society, and asking, among other things, should we have babies in space? “Mars,” sang Sir Elton John in Rocket Man, “ain’t the kind of place to … Continue reading

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Minimum crew size for an interstellar generation ship

John Hawks takes a look at a fascinating article in Popular Mechanics that looks at what the minimum crew size would need to be for an interstellar generation ship, and relates it to what is known about genetics in anthropology. … Continue reading

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SpaceX prepares to take the biggest step towards affordable space travel: Soft landing the Falcon 9 rocket

Recently, I’ve observed how the multistage rocket system probably isn’t going anywhere and that the best approach might be to embrace it and make it work as effectively as possible.  I’ve noted the appeal of VTOL (vertical take off and … Continue reading

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NASA planning a robotic mission to Europa

Related to my last post on Europa Report, a movie I discovered when I read these articles earlier today, and also in the category of things I somehow missed, NASA is planning a robotic mission to Europa.  This is exciting … Continue reading

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The hard working but unloved multi-stage rocket

If you’ve ever read about rocket technology, particularly the issues involved in how much fuel is needed to get somewhere, you quickly run into a stark reality.  The payload, the part of the rocket that you want to get somewhere, … Continue reading

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For interstellar travel, transmission is much cheaper

It will always be a lot cheaper to send a radio signal to an interstellar destination than any kind of physical presence.  Our discussion the other day on the difficulties of interstellar travel left me pondering this, something that is … Continue reading

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Mars exploration is always 20 years in the future

There is a lot of news about the assessment of experts on the feasibility of a manned mission to Mars. Sending humans to Mars by the 2030s is affordable, a group of experts finds, but some key changes are needed if it … Continue reading

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The struggling space age

The Washington Post has an interesting summary of the state of the space industry, contrasting the “New Space”, private companies, with “Old Space”, Nasa.  The article is interlaced with interesting photos and is well worth the time investment.  Another article … Continue reading

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