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Star Trek Picard

Just watched the first episode of Star Trek Picard.  What follows has spoilers, but only from the early parts of the episode. It takes place about 15 years after the events of the last Next Generation movie.  Picard appears to … Continue reading

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George Takei: Why I love a country that once betrayed me

This is an incredible video that I really wished I had shared yesterday, but better late than never!  George Takei, of Star Trek Sulu fame, talks about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and the bravery of those who fought … Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox – Wait But Why

The “Wait But Why” blog takes an in depth look at something some of us were discussing on another thread: the Fermi Paradox. Everyone feels something when they’re in a really good starry place on a really good starry night … Continue reading

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This is the amazing design for NASA’s Star Trek-style space ship, the IXS Enterprise – The Washington Post

NASA engineer and physicist Harold White announced a few years ago that he was working on a potentially groundbreaking idea that could allow space travel faster than the speed of light. Yes, like in “Star Trek.” And now, to boldly go where … Continue reading

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Lawrence Krauss on the relationship between science and science fiction

What is the connection between science and science fiction? Are television shows like “Battlestar Galactica” and “Dr. Who” inspiring the next generation of scientists? Professor Lawrence Krauss explored these issues at the 2014 Annual Meeting in his talk, “Physics of … Continue reading

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Virtual afterlives will transform humanity – Michael Graziano – Aeon

Imagine a future in which your mind never dies. When your body begins to fail, a machine scans your brain in enough detail to capture its unique wiring. A computer system uses that data to simulate your brain. It won’t … Continue reading

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Why FTL travel is unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future

I’m a big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the space opera genre.  The future I would most hope for the human race would be for us to spread out among the stars and become an interstellar species.  Now, … Continue reading

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