Quote for the Day – Einstein’s Louse and the Limits of Scientific Understanding

Minds and Brains

Nature is showing us only the tail of the lion, but I have no doubt that the lion belongs to it even though, because of its large size, it cannot totally reveal itself all at once. We can see it only the way a louse that is sitting on it would.

 ~Albert Einstein to Heinrich Zangger, quoted in Clifford Pickover, Archimedes to Hawking

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Comet ISON and our lack of fear

Lots of people are excited about comet ISON and the spectacular show it will hopefully provide.  However, unlike most people throughout history, most of us do not regard it as an evil omen, an attack from an angry god, or fear it for any other reason.  There's a reason this.  Science! Aristotle thought that comets … Continue reading Comet ISON and our lack of fear