BBC News – ‘Memories’ pass between generations

Experiments showed that a traumatic event could affect the DNA in sperm and alter the brains and behaviour of subsequent generations.

A Nature Neuroscience study shows mice trained to avoid a smell passed their aversion on to their “grandchildren”.

More at BBC News – ‘Memories’ pass between generations.

I saw this yesterday, but was reluctant to link to it until I saw a second source, which I have at ScienceDaily.  If this holds up, it’s pretty astounding.  DNA, from what I understand, is usually understood to be read only, only changing from mutations.  If animals alter their DNA based on brain states, that seems almost Lamarckian in its implications.

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2 Responses to BBC News – ‘Memories’ pass between generations

  1. Thank you for posting. I believe this whole heartedly. I’ve often thought that every memory or experience that we have up until we give birth is transformed into the baby through DNA. I just could not prove it since I’m not a scientist.


    • Thanks for your comment. I do think we have to be cautious about over interpreting these results. What they observed were conditioned responses to smell being heritable. I think a lot more research is going to be needed on this.


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