Is There a Limit to One’s Learning Capacity? | Quora

When parts of the connection process become weak, a process known as synaptic pruning takes place to remove the old connections and strengthen the rest. Experience is the determining factor of which connections will be strengthened and which ones will be \”pruned\” – active connections will remain whereas those which are no longer active or receive signals will die through a process known as apoptosis.

Our brains never stop working, changing, adapting, and reorganizing throughout our lifetime. Neuroplasticity is a never ending process – it makes up who we are from the day we are born until the day we die.

via Is There a Limit to One’s Learning Capacity? | Quora.

My summation would be, we can always learn more because we’re always forgetting stuff. Think about how much of the day to day life you recall from your childhood. We’re constantly consolidating and reorganizing old memories, and discarding seldom accessed ones. Which means we can always learn more. But it’s not because we have an infinite amount of storage.

Your thoughts?

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