Proof that the external world exists?

Eric Schwitzgebel is reading Stannis Lem's novel 'Solaris' and discovers in the novel a test of the existence of the external world: I instructed the satellite to give me the figure of the galactic meridians it was traversing at 22-second intervals while orbiting Solaris, and I specified an answer to five decimal points. Then I sat … Continue reading Proof that the external world exists?

The physics of the multiverse

Fellow blogger agrudzinsky shared this video in a comment, but I thought it was good enough to warrant a full post. I like the fact that he repeatedly states that these ideas have not been experimentally confirmed, and the wrap-up where he points out that physics is not philosophy (or at least it's not supposed to … Continue reading The physics of the multiverse

Seven things about evolution – john hawks weblog

What is evolution? In its original sense, evolution meant "unrolling", as if a papyrus scroll were being unrolled to reveal its contents. We may talk about the "evolution" of many things, from an individual's lifetime to the evolution of the universe. In the most general sense, evolution means "change". Biologists are very specific about the … Continue reading Seven things about evolution – john hawks weblog