Astronomy’s Alpha Male | Seth Shostak

The other day, I asked if the age of science might eventually come to an end, noting that amateur scientific work has become rare.  In this post about the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, whose data findings will be made publicly available, Seth Shostak describes a situation that might enable amateur discoveries again, at least for … Continue reading Astronomy’s Alpha Male | Seth Shostak

Where is the Earth located? I enjoyed this video, but I wonder about Fraser's statement that cosmologists think if you travel in one direction long enough you'll eventually end up back where you are.  That is one model, but not the only one.  It depends on space being curved, and tests currently show it to be flat. Of course, … Continue reading Where is the Earth located?

The War on Reason – Paul Bloom – The Atlantic

Paul Bloom has an interesting article at the The Atlantic, much of which I agree with. Aristotle’s definition of man as a rational animal has recently taken quite a beating. Part of the attack comes from neuroscience. Pretty, multicolored fMRI maps make clear that our mental lives can be observed in the activity of our neurons, … Continue reading The War on Reason – Paul Bloom – The Atlantic