Visualization of ancient cosmological models

Just to keep the discussion of the posts I’m doing on cosmology in context:

As part of Topoi 1, Group-D, Sebastian Szczepanski and I developed software for the visualization of ancient cosmological theories. These included the 4th cent. BCE planetary models of Eudoxus, Aristotle, and Calippus, as well as the basic planetary models of Ptolemy’s Almagest. Because the visualizations are open source and written in HTML-5, they have a higher likelihood of surviving than many other potential platforms. Most important is the flexibility of the program that allows the user to modify all the parameters, to reveal or hide or even eliminate components of a model, to focus in on certain features of the model, or to change views. In the Ptolemaic models, which are coordinated to Julian, Gregorian, and Egyptian calendars, one may set the clock to where one wishes and see the results.


h/t Exploring Our Matrix

3 thoughts on “Visualization of ancient cosmological models

  1. Being a student of Philosophy of Science and Classical history I have done many courses in ancient science and technology. Models like this would have been great in the classroom to give students a practical idea of how the systems were formulated and how they would have appeared in the minds of those who created them. Too bad we were only given 2d pictures 😦



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