Neil deGrasse Tyson on GMO foods

Tyson makes some imminently intelligent remarks about GMOs.  Of course, it’s become controversial and this video seems to be popping up all over the web.

He elaborates in a Facebook post, responding to some criticisms.


6 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson on GMO foods

    1. No argument from me on the dangers of monopolies, although I do agree with Tyson that if we’re going to have patents, 20 year monopolies on new technologies comes with the territory. Of course, Monsanto pushes the envelope on this, at times trying to patent things most reasonable people say isn’t an invention but a natural process, but it seems like most multi-national corporations are doing that these days.

      I’m not familiar enough with their marketing practices to comment. Their only product that I’m consciously aware of using is Roundup, although I suspect I’m using others and just not aware of their connection with them.

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