SMBC on “science” channels

I find that the actual Science Channel is still pretty good, with shows like ‘Through the Wormhole’ or ‘How the Universe Works’, which makes the terminology Wiener uses here unfortunate.

But the point he makes fits for just about every other cable “educational” channel.  These channels once had decent material but have devolved into mostly crap of the kind he mentions.

I often wonder how long the Science Channel itself will remain mostly about science.  It remains one of my favorite channels, and I’m dreading the day when I will tune into it and see only ghosts, Bigfoot, and mermaid shows.

Click through for full sized version.

via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

5 thoughts on “SMBC on “science” channels

    1. 🙂

      I haven’t missed the irony that the Science Channel’s programming since I posted this entry has had a lot of the crap alluded to in the comic. Sad. It still seems like they still have more quality programming than the others, but it appears they’ve caught the same disease.


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