A cute video, at first, before getting into the darkness of addiction

I consider myself to be lucky that I’ve managed to only acquire one real addiction: caffeine.  I’ve given it up several times over the years, but always slid back into its clutches.  Given that, I have complete sympathy with those caught in the clutches of much more serious addictions, like nicotine, alcohol, prescription painkillers, or any of the illegal drugs.

This video gives a quick summary of the addiction experience.  It’s worth watching, and remembering the next time you find something that is intensely pleasurable.

via IO9

7 thoughts on “A cute video, at first, before getting into the darkness of addiction

    1. It might be worth mentioning that my caffeine intake once peaked at around 10 cups of strong coffee (~2000 milligrams of caffeine). I don’t take in nearly as much these days, and most of it comes in from diet sodas now, but it’s tough to keep it under 400 milligrams a day.


      1. I was once like that, but sometime in my late 20’s I found I couldn’t sleep if I had coffee after 3pm. Before then I could drink a whole pot at 9pm with no consequences. (In high school I did this every night!)

        The odd thing is, diet soda has no consequences for me. I can (and often do) drink it at night. It feels like it has no caffeine at all. Maybe when I hit 50 I’ll start to feel it.


        1. If you’re used to coffee, soda has a much lighter jolt. I’ve always been lucky with being able to drink whatever caffeine I customarily drank right up until bed time, without much issue. What finally got me off of the ten cups a day was acid reflux.

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        1. When I was younger the cost was nonexistent. As I’ve gotten older, things like acid reflux limited my caffeine intake. I’ve also found that caffeine compromises emotional intelligence, at least for me.


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