Which political candidate do your views align with?

I took this political test, which provided the results below.  For the most part, they’re what I expected, although I’m mildly surprised I agreed with Jeb Bush that much.


I couldn’t imagine what healthcare and science issues I had in common with Ted Cruz, but it turns out  he supports the legalization of marijuana, which given his courting of evangelicals I find a bit surprising, and he supports government spending for space exploration, which I guess counts as a science issue we agree with.

Obviously I’d be good with any of the Democratic candidates, and would regard any of the major Republican contenders getting into the White House as a disaster.

How do your views line up?

h/t Political Wire

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34 Responses to Which political candidate do your views align with?

  1. john zande says:

    Bernie, 99%
    Cruz 20%
    Carson 7%… That should really be a negative infinity zero.

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  2. Hariod Brawn says:

    Sanders 88%
    Clinton 85%
    O’Malley 73%
    Trump 57% (wtf?!)

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    • If you saved or still have your results up, you can click “compare answers” under Trump’s name to see where you agree with him. The site has a tendency to exaggerate agreement, conflating nuanced answers with aggressive ones as long as you both answered NO or both answered YES.

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      • Hariod Brawn says:

        No, I’ve moved off the page Mike. I think my answers may have been skewed a bit due to me being English, as some of the questions were therefore a bit seemingly oblique. I answered every one though, including all the additional ones, as well as completing the importance-o-meter. Seemed like a pretty comprehensive survey.


        • I know what you mean, and that did occur to me when I saw your percentages. Sometimes when I read about politics in Britain or other countries, I miss the significance of many terms, picking up hints that they mean more than just their literal interpretation, but that those meanings are often tangled up with a shared experience and controversies that I’m only peripherally aware of.

          You probably looked at the questions with more freshness than the typical American embroiled in our cultural battles.

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  3. Ignostic Dave says:

    It bothers me that some of the answers are considered partially similar when they are quite dissimilar. For example, legalizing marijuana, but only for medical uses is basically the same thing as saying, “Acknowledge the positive benefits of marijuana, but continue severely punishing populations that are more likely to be liberal.” That’s not the same or similar to saying legalize marijuana, tax it, and regulate it.

    Likewise, “no, conduct targeted airstrikes” is not similar to “no, stay out of the conflict”.


  4. Steve Morris says:

    Good to see that you agreed 100% with yourself. I wish I had that level of consistency.

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  5. Steve Morris says:

    So I got:
    Bernie Sanders 78% (no idea who he is)
    Hilary Clinton 76%
    Martin O’Malley 70%
    Jeb Bush 69%
    Rand Paul 53%
    Ted Cruz 30%
    Ben Carson 25%
    Donald Trump 25%
    Seems I’m a Democrat. Pity I can’t vote.
    Interesting that Hariod and I would vote the same in US elections, but in the UK (where we actually do vote) we are on diametrically opposite sides.

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  6. nannus says:

    Interesting, I am not American, but I took the test anyway.

    Bernie Sanders 98%, Hillary Clinton, 96%, Martin O’Malley 86%
    Republicans from John Kasich (36%) down to Ben Carson (1%).

    So the republicans have candidates worse than Trum. Shame on them 🙂

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    • Sounds like we had similar profiles. Yeah, Carson is far worse than Trump, but at least his numbers are in decline. Lamentably, Trump, Cruz, and Carson supporters make up 60% of the Republican electorate. The only hope for the Republican establishment this year is that most of those voters don’t show up to actually vote.

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  7. James Pailly says:

    It’s weird, but the Republicans are generally pretty enthusiastic about NASA, except for the climate monitoring missions NASA does. I think it has something to do with the loose relationship between space exploration and national defense.


    • I think you’re right. Space exploration provides heroes and a pioneering narrative, which captures the imagination in much the same way that the military often does. It probably doesn’t hurt that it also provides economic benefits for a lot of the defense, aviation, and space industry, and that any resulting science rarely has political consequences, except for the climate studies you mentioned.

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  8. I got almost exactly the same results as you, except Trump goes after Rand Paul on mine. And I only support Hilary 92%.

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