SMBC: Robot heaven

Click through for full sized version and red button caption.

Source: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Of course, the upshot is that if you view humans as organic machines, it opens the door to something like robot heaven eventually working for us.  We might someday build heaven.  Indeed, if it should turn out that there is a heaven waiting for us, it might well work similarly to robot heaven.

2 thoughts on “SMBC: Robot heaven

  1. I wish I had the time to engage with this more fully – it’s a great comic, thank you for sharing it! I vaguely want to say something about Plotinus and Augustine and memory and the image of God, and I also want to share my rambling thoughts on the similarities between Unix operating systems and Aquinas’ model of human cognition. I would love to do a series of speculative posts on parallels between Late and Antique/Medieval visions of cognition and modern technology, but I would need to do rather a lot of research to pull it off. Ah well, it goes onto my growing list of unwritten blog series to tackle in the future!

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    1. Hey Michelle! I’d loved to see those posts, particularly the Unix-Aquinas model comparison. But I totally know what you mean about the research. I have ideas myself that I’d like to post on but haven’t found the time to research.

      Sometimes I just post anyway, admitting that I’m going off of hazy memory or that I lack knowledge of all the details (see the Godel piece a few posts back), just to start the discussion. Might be an approach worth considering.

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