SMBC: Do ethics actually exist?

This is just too close to some of our recent discussions for me not to call attention to it.  As usual, Weiner knocks it out of the park.

(Click through for hovertext and red button caption.)

via: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


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5 Responses to SMBC: Do ethics actually exist?

  1. taurisstar69 says:

    This line of reasoning is one of my favorites. Looking at the social animal from the outside in. I mean to say that ethics are like a pillow for your perspective. If I were born and raised in a cannibalistic tribe, I would see the practice of eating another human as something I was intended to do. The real bottom line is LIFE is a deadly murderous thing. If I don’t kill and consume I perish.

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  2. James Pailly says:

    I appreciate the part about how our moral laws are “close to true.” The strict adherence to moral codes that are only “close to true” is where I think a lot of us go horribly wrong.

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