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How do we establish causation?

Ross Pomeroy at Real Clear Science discusses five logical fallacies that often get misidentified and abused in arguments.  Identified by Steven Novella in his book The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, one of these is the old Correlation and Causation fallacy: … Continue reading

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A dialogue on compatibilism

Click through for the full version. see the rest at: A Dialogue on Compatibilism – Existential Comics. This edition of Existential Comics manages to summarize most of the free will debate.  I especially like the discussion on libertarian free will on … Continue reading

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Intelligent Crows Flunk Causality Test But Babies Pass

You drop a block onto a box, and a toy pops out. If a baby was watching you, she could deduce that your action caused the happy arrival of the toy, because she understands cause and effect. She’d also realise … Continue reading

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Is consciousness in control? Does it matter?

A new scientific paper claims to describe an experiment that shows that consciousness controls our actions.  From the paper: These results indicate that conscious intentions govern motor function… until today, it was unclear whether conscious motor intention exists prior to … Continue reading

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