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Gravitational waves discovery now officially dead

I tweeted this yesterday, but it deserves a blog entry: Gravitational waves discovery now officially dead : Nature News & Comment. A team of astronomers that last year reported evidence for gravitational waves from the early Universe has now withdrawn the … Continue reading

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Cosmic inflation appears to have shifted from settled science back to speculation

You can get background on what I’m talking about in this post here and here. Probably the best thing to do is let the experts weigh in on this. Planck team measurement consistent with our (Flauger et al.) estimates and … Continue reading

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The size of the observable universe is complicated.

The radius of the observable universe is often stated to be 46 billion light years.  From a certain point of view, this is true, but I think it’s a bit of a misleading statement.  Occasionally you also see people say that … Continue reading

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The Big Bang’s Identity Crisis – The Nature of Reality

Think of the Big Bang, and you probably imagine a moment in time when matter, energy and space itself all burst into existence at once. Yet many astrophysicists now believe that the “Big Bang” was actually two distinct events: first … Continue reading

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Growing doubt that gravitational waves were actually detected

Nature has an article up describing the problems with the BICEP2 results that are now being identified by various scientists.  It’s actually the second one I’ve seen them publish on this. The astronomers who this spring announced that they had … Continue reading

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Tegmark’s Level I Multiverse: infinite space

I’ve just finished reading Max Tegmark’s latest book, ‘Our Mathematical Universe‘, about his views on multiverses and the ultimate nature of reality.  This is the first in a series of posts that I plan to do on it.  Tegmark postulates four … Continue reading

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xkcd: Cosmologist on a Tire Swing

A few years ago the “it’s senseless to ask what came before the big bang because there was no before” meme was hot.  I remember Stephen Hawking saying it in his documentary a year or two ago.  There now seems to be … Continue reading

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The cosmological horizon problem answer, I think

Last week, I did a brief post asking if anyone knew why the horizon problem was a problem since the universe had started as an infinitesimally small point.  I received a lot of excellent replies, which I’m grateful for. I … Continue reading

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PHD Comics: Cosmic Inflation Explained

So, even though I already linked to two sources about cosmic inflation this week, this is good enough that I’m also going to throw it in.  It’s fascinating to me that the large scale structure of our universe is ultimately … Continue reading

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Primers on detecting primordial gravity waves and cosmic inflation

First, Minute Physics takes a shot at explaining what the BICEP2 team actually found and how it relates to gravitational waves.  I think I’m going to have to watch this a second time to pick up everything. And Ethan Siegel … Continue reading

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